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At Thermo Clean Tech we develop high efficiency solutions
To improve the quality of life with a positive environmental and economical impact

Presenting GreenGuard

GreenGuard is a retrofit real-time water heater control system.

With real-time accuracy GreenGuard is an intelligent system that will manage your water heating,
being an end to high utility bills and cold showers.
GreenGuard won't replace your water heater but will teach it a few new tricks.
GreenGuard can turn any water heater into an intelligent and independent system,
working more efficiently than before and without any need for you to set any tricky settings or schedules.
It will allow you never to worry about running out of hot water while lowering your energy bills!

Product Features

Real Time

Thanks to its real-time accuracy GreenGuard is able to present the user with real-time feedback


By Managing the water heater at the highest efficiency GreenGuard will supply all the hot water you need while lowering your bills

Environment Friendly

GreenGuard lowers both energy and water consumption by operating at the highest efficiency and assimilating economic habits


GreenGuard isn't another "Smart" device it's a self-operating intelligent system capable of learning and adjusting without user intervention

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